DE-OX C EVOLUTION Eye / Lip Cream Intensive Correction


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Eye / Lip Cream
Intensive Correction

A unique balance of richness and lightness that delicately enfolds the most fragile areas of the face, reducing the visibility of lines, bags and dark circles. This velvety cream provides a fresh sensation of immediate wellness for a more luminous look and defined lip.

Recommended for:

This serum is great for summer skins that will be exposed to the damaging effects of the sun & surf. 

Great for those younger skins wanting to start on an anti age program. 

Clients exposed to both internal & external free radicals

Age: 30+

Dehydration, first lines & those suffering from dark circles & puffiness

Fragrance free

Can be used as a preventative range

Lightweight: suitable for combination skin, morning or summer months

50 ml - 1,6 fl. oz. US


•Maslinicacid: anti inflammatory
•VitC: antioxidant & brightening
•Eye & lip relief complex: reducing appearance of lines, puffiness & dark circles

Apply in the morning and evening around the eyes and lips before any specific face serum or cream. Massage until completely absorbed.

For those who are particularly sensitive, we recommend performing a tolerance test by applying the product to the forearm & covering with a plaster for 24 hours