Get that summer glow all year round with a tan so instant, you'll walk out feeling like you've just spent a week in the tropical islands. 

We have a selection of tans ranging in development time from 1-8 hours, depending on the desired result. 


About Face are renowned for our flawless applications, colour choice, tanning styles and superior service. But what makes it even better is our knack for creating custom-blended tans that sync perfectly with your skin's personality. It's not just about formulas; it's about crafting your unique glow recipe.


Ever heard of the Fitzpatrick scale? Well, we use it to decipher the shade that'll bring out your best. It's like finding the puzzle piece that fits just right. And here's the thing: it's not just about getting a tan; it's about getting your tan, the one that's authentically you.

We all know those home tanning tales that have turned into disasters. But with our expert knowledge and deep understanding of products and your skin, those mishaps are nowhere in sight. Your tanning journey with us guarantees a harmonious and beautifully sun-kissed result without any unwanted surprises.


All spray tanning applications include a personalised colour consultation, professional and highly trained tanning therapist, disposable under-garments and drying session.


See our Spray tan - tips and tricks - so you can be sure you’ll get a spray tan result that meets your expectations.


For more information on preparation + maintenance check out our Tips for Tanners


Tan Menu


As the name suggests, applied to look like a "real" tan.  

Birthday Tan

It doesn't have to be your birthday, to wear your birthday suit. This tanning method is applied to look just like a “real” tan, blended into your extremities for a natural tanning result. 


Chocolate Brownie

Not for the faint-hearted, a thicker application (2 x coats) that will result in the most noticeable tanning result.


Buff it Up + Oh-So-Natural Tan

A full body exfoliation designed for your skin and your senses, plus a  Spray Tan - applied to look just like a “real” tan, blended into your extremities for a natural tanning result.


Festival Tan

This is the perfect pick to create a bronzed look pre festival. If you want to really turn up the tan leave it on overnight and wake up like a golden goddess.


Spray Tanning Tips

Skin Patch tests are free of charge and recommended for allergic or very sensitive skin types.


Pre Tan

• Shower and exfoliate skin prior to spray tanning session, or for best results book in for our recommended professional exfoliation treatment(s)


• Wear dark, loose clothing, leaving a bra off for an hour after your treatment is advisable.


• Do not apply moistuiser to the body as it will interfere with the absorption of the tanning solution into the skin.


• Avoid razors with moisturising strips if shaving immediately prior to your tanning application.


• Wax or shave to remove unwanted hair 8 hours prior to tanning application to avoid irritation.


• About Face supplies disposable underwear and hair caps for men & women.

Post Tan

• Depending on the tan chosen, the wash off time will vary from 1hrs- 8hrs. Please ensure you are familiar with the tan chosen for you and the wash off times recommended.


• Your first shower is a rinse only, lightly rinse tan off in the the shower to remove excess bronzer.  Soaps etc are not recommended at this point.  Wash off after your first shower is normal, this is simply excess bronzer.  Your tan will often take a full 12-24 hours to process and activate.  


• Do not exercise excessively or participate in activities causing heavy perspiring for at least 6-8 hours after the spray tanning process, even if you have opted for a 1hr wash & wear tan.


• Avoid activities which naturally exfoliate the skin such as long baths and chlorine pools, if you are going to be exposed to swimming (ie holidays) we recommend purchasing a tan extender which will help the longevity of your tan if you apply daily.


• Moisturise your skin regularly, for longer lasting results we recommend products FREE of AHA's BHA's and other ingredients not friendly to spray tans.


We also have a range of professional tan extenders.


Should you have any further enquiries please feel free to contact us in salon on 02 4655 9711 or send any specific questions via the contact form below.

A stunning model lays on a sandy beach, basking in the sun's warm glow. The image showcases the model's beautifully bronzed skin after a flawless spray tan application. Playful shadows dance across the sand, adding depth and dimension to the scene.


Welcome to our Premier Tanning Services in Camden, NSW and Surrounding Areas


Achieve a gorgeous, sun-kissed glow all year round at our renowned hair and beauty salon in Camden, NSW. We are proud to offer exceptional tanning services that cater to clients from Camden and the surrounding areas within a 20km radius. Our expert team of professionals is dedicated to providing you with a flawless tanning experience that will leave you looking and feeling fabulous.

Unleash Your Inner Radiance
At our salon, we understand that a beautiful tan can boost your confidence and enhance your natural beauty. That's why we offer a range of tanning solutions tailored to your individual preferences and skin type. Our skilled technicians are experts in the art of tanning and use only the highest quality products to ensure stunning, long-lasting results.

Indulge in the Finest Tanning Options
Choose from our premium tanning options designed to meet your unique needs. Our spray tanning service is perfect for those seeking a quick and convenient way to achieve a flawless tan. Using state-of-the-art equipment and top-notch tanning solutions, we guarantee a streak-free, natural-looking tan that will turn heads.

For those who prefer a more traditional approach, our sunbed tanning sessions are the ideal choice. Relax and unwind while our modern sunbeds provide you with a safe and comfortable tanning experience. Our knowledgeable staff will guide you through the process, ensuring you achieve a beautifully sun-kissed glow that suits your desired level of exposure.

Your Safety and Satisfaction Matter
At our salon, we prioritize your safety and satisfaction above all else. We adhere to strict hygiene standards and utilize only premium tanning products that are free from harmful chemicals. Our staff members are fully trained and certified, and they will take the time to understand your goals and address any concerns you may have.

Enhance Your Beauty and Well-being
In addition to our exceptional tanning services, we offer a wide range of beauty and wellness treatments to pamper you from head to toe. Indulge in a rejuvenating facial, relax with a soothing massage, or explore our additional services that complement your tanning experience. Our experienced aestheticians and therapists are here to cater to your every need, leaving you feeling refreshed, revitalized, and utterly pampered.

Serving the Surrounding Areas

We proudly extend our tanning services to clients in the following areas around Camden, NSW within a 20km radius:

Campbelltown, Narellan, Picton, Liverpool, Oran Park, Harrington Park, Mount Annan, The Oaks, Cobbitty, Camden South, Gregory Hills, Emerald Hills, Cobbitty, Mount Hunter, Cawdor, 

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