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Sclerotherapy Treatment at About Face

Welcome to About Face, Camden's premier day spa and advanced skin clinic. Our expert team, led by Dr. Bobby Tajvidi, is dedicated to providing cutting-edge treatments that enhance your natural beauty and boost your self-confidence. One of our specialized offerings is Sclerotherapy, a highly effective procedure for treating spider veins and varicose veins.

Image of spider veins and varicose veins on legs, targeted for sclerotherapy treatment by Dr. Bobby Tajvidi at About Face in Camden. Effective non-surgical vein treatment to enhance leg appearance and health.

What is Sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy is a medical procedure designed to eliminate small to medium-sized veins that appear close to the skin’s surface. This involves injecting a TGA-approved sclerosing agent, which can be either a liquid or foam solution, directly into the problematic veins. The agent works by irritating the inner lining of the blood vessels, causing them to collapse and eventually fade. Immediate results are often visible, with full effects seen within 6 to 12 weeks.

The Procedure

Consultation: Your journey begins with a thorough consultation with Dr. Bobby Tajvidi. During this session, Dr. Tajvidi will review your medical history, perform a physical examination, and may request imaging tests to assess the condition of your veins and determine your suitability for the procedure.

: Sclerotherapy is an outpatient procedure that does not require anesthesia. We recommend wearing loose-fitting clothing and bringing a pair of shorts for easy access to the treatment area. If you have compression stockings, please bring them with you to your appointment.

Injection Process
: During the procedure, you will be comfortably positioned, and the skin over the targeted veins will be cleaned. Dr. Tajvidi will then use a fine needle to inject the sclerosing solution directly into the veins.

Post-Procedure Care
: After the injection, compression stockings are recommended to promote blood flow and enhance the treatment’s effectiveness. You will be instructed to wear compression garments for a specified period following the procedure to ensure optimal results.

Benefits of Sclerotherapy

Cosmetic Enhancement: Sclerotherapy effectively reduces the appearance of spider veins and varicose veins, resulting in smoother, more attractive skin.

Symptom Relief
: In addition to its cosmetic benefits, sclerotherapy can alleviate symptoms associated with venous issues, such as aching, swelling, and discomfort.

Minimally Invasive
: This procedure is minimally invasive, causing minimal pain and requiring a short recovery period compared to traditional surgical interventions.

Convenient Outpatient Procedure
: Sclerotherapy is performed on an outpatient basis, allowing you to return to your normal activities immediately after treatment.

Potential Side Effects

While sclerotherapy is generally safe, some potential side effects include:

Temporary Discoloration: The treated veins may temporarily darken before fading away.
Bruising: Some patients may experience bruising at the injection site, which typically resolves over time.
Allergic Reactions: Although rare, allergic reactions to the sclerosing agent can occur.
Blood Clots: In extremely rare cases, blood clots may form.
Skin Ulcers: Rarely, skin ulcers may develop at the injection site.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is sclerotherapy?
Sclerotherapy is a medical treatment that involves injecting a solution into veins to make them collapse and fade, effectively treating spider veins and varicose veins.

2. How soon will I see results?
Results can start to appear within a few weeks, with full results typically visible between 6 to 12 weeks after treatment.

3. Is the procedure painful?
Sclerotherapy is minimally invasive and generally involves only slight discomfort from the needle injection.

4. How many sessions are needed?
The number of sessions varies based on the severity of your vein issues. Most patients require multiple sessions for optimal results.

5. Are there any side effects?
Possible side effects include temporary discoloration, bruising, allergic reactions, blood clots, and skin ulcers, though these are rare.

6. Can I resume normal activities immediately?
Yes, sclerotherapy is an outpatient procedure with no significant downtime. It’s recommended to avoid strenuous exercise for 24 hours post-treatment.

7. Who is an ideal candidate for sclerotherapy?
Sclerotherapy is suitable for individuals with small to medium-sized veins close to the skin’s surface who seek cosmetic improvement or symptom relief.

8. How should I prepare for the procedure?
Wear loose-fitting clothing and bring shorts and compression stockings. Avoid applying lotion to your legs before the procedure.

9. What should I do after the treatment?
You will need to wear compression stockings as directed by Dr. Tajvidi to enhance the treatment’s effectiveness and promote healing.

10. How long do the results last?
Results are long-lasting, but new veins can develop over time. Maintenance treatments may be needed to address new veins.

Discover Expert Sclerotherapy and Vein Treatment at About Face in Camden

Nestled in the heart of Camden, NSW, About Face is your premier destination for advanced sclerotherapy and vein treatments. Our clinic, led by the esteemed Dr. Bobby Tajvidi, is dedicated to serving not only the residents of Camden but also those from neighboring areas including Elderslie, Spring Farm, Mount Annan, Narellan, Narellan Vale, Currans Hill, Kirkham, Grasmere, and Ellis Lane. Additionally, we extend our specialized services to clients from Picton, Tahmoor, Thirlmere, Bargo, Buxton, Wilton, Douglas Park, Lakesland, and The Oaks.

Further enhancing our reach across the region, we welcome clients from Maldon, Campbelltown, Bradbury, Ambarvale, Rosemeadow, St Helens Park, Englorie Park, Blair Athol, Glen Alpine, Woodbine, Leumeah, Emerald Hills, Gregory Hills, Oran Park, Catherine Park Estate, Spring Farm, Gledswood Hills, Harrington Grove, Willowdale, and Edmondson Park.

As a leading clinic for sclerotherapy and vein treatment in these diverse locales, we pride ourselves on providing personalized care that transcends conventional medical procedures. Our treatments are designed to effectively address and eliminate spider veins and varicose veins, enhancing both the appearance and health of your legs.

At About Face, we create a serene and luxurious environment where your comfort and satisfaction are our top priorities. Our state-of-the-art clinic, adorned with elegant decor, offers a calming atmosphere where you can relax and trust that you are in the hands of experienced professionals. Dr. Bobby Tajvidi and our expert team are committed to guiding you through each step of your treatment, ensuring a bespoke experience tailored to your unique needs.

Join us at About Face and discover why clients from Camden and beyond choose us as their trusted destination for sclerotherapy and vein treatments. Experience the exceptional care and transformative results that come with our specialized procedures, and take the first step towards smoother, healthier, and more beautiful legs.