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Welcome to About Face, the premier luxury hair salon and day spa serving Camden and surrounding areas.

Our team of expert blonde specialists is dedicated to providing exceptional service and achieving stunning results for our clients. With our signature technique, we ensure a perfect blend of color that offers a super soft grow out, promoting healthy hair and low maintenance.

If you're embarking on your first journey to blonde hair, we understand that it's a process that requires time and expertise. At About Face, we believe in providing thorough consultations to assess your hair and offer honest feedback. Our goal is to create a personalized plan that kickstarts your blonde hair journey. To assist you in selecting the ideal blonde shade, we have curated a range of packages for you to choose from.


Still uncertain about the best choice for your blonde transformation? We invite you to book a complementary consultation with our team. During this session, our knowledgeable professionals will advise and guide you through the entire process. We highly recommend consultations for guests with sensitized or damaged hair to ensure optimal results. As part of our consultation, we perform a quick strand test to determine the suitability of your hair for the lightening process.


Experience the luxury and expertise of About Face hair salon and day spa. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and begin your journey to beautiful blonde hair.


Signature Blonde

Signature blonde is our most requested lightening service. Perfect for those wanting a natural grow out.  Includes a full head of our signature highlights with glossing toner and Bond Fusion treatment to ensure absolute integrity of the hair.  Choose your finishing service to complete the look.


Signature Blonde Refresh

Signature blonde refresh is perfect for those who have previously had a full head of our signature highlights.  Maintain your blonde with a half head in between your full head applilcations.  Service includes a glossing toner with Bond fusion treatment.  Choose your finishing service to complete the look.

Classic HIghlights Full Head


Classic full head of highlights is traditional weaves to give an overal classical blonde look. Includes glossing toner with Bond Fusion to ensure integrity and health of the hair.

Classic Highlights Half Head


Our classic half head of highlights is a traditional weave to give an overal classical blonde look. Includes glossing toner with Bond Fusion to ensure integrity and health of the hair.
Our half head services include part-line in front of the ear and around the crown.  We recommend two refresh services between each full head Beach blonde service.

Global Blonde - New Application


Global blonde is an on-scalp blonding service from roots to ends.  Ideal for anyone wanting to change from existing colour to blonde.  This service is time sensitive and will require regrowth retouch every 4-6 weeks to ensure colour is even without banding. 


The first time application is for clients new to global blonde or with regrowth longer than 1 inch or 2.5cm. First time application provides addtional time for your appointment which allows our team to apply the colour in 2 stages to give a beautiful seamless blonde without banding lines.


We recommend a consultation prior to selecting this service if you have previous colour or have never had an on-scalp blonding service before.

Global Blonde Refresh

This is an on-scalp lightening services for clients with regrowth less than 1 inch or 2.5cm.  Most clients require a refresh between 4-6 weeks depending on how quickly their hair grows.  If your regrowth is longer than an inch you will require a new appllication. 

It is recommended that if you have never had an on-scalp blonding service with us you select the first time appllication and come in for a consultation first to ensure your hair is suitable for this type of colour.

Frequently Asked Questions:


What's the difference between a signature highlight and a standard highlight? 


Our signature highlighting technique is much finer than traditional highlights. The application is more time consuming, but gives a much more natural result. Our signature highlight also creates a cleaner blonde allowing our guests to get to their target shade.


How long should I wait between lightening appointments?


Recommended times can vary between cients and applications.  Our recommendations take into consideration colour maintenance, regrowth and the integrith of the hair.

For signature blonde we rarely suggest appointments any closer than 8 weeks.  Many clients will go anywhere from 8-12 weeks between colours and some even choose longer, opting to have a toner or zone tone in between foiling appointments.


Classic highlights can typically be refreshed every 6-8 weeks, depending on the clients hair type and how quickly the hair grows.  There are less foils in a classic application, making it easier to get the foil close to the root without overlapping the previous colour.


Global Blonde touch ups are recommened between 4-6 weeks.  The natural heat band of the scalp processes the blonde faster in the first inch of regrowth. If the regrowth is longer than one inch, you will need to have a virgin application.  This is 2 seperate applications done in stages to keep the colour even and no banding.


How should I maintain my blonde at home?


Blonde hair is traditionally more porous, this means it can feel dry and dehydrated.    It is important to keep the hair hydrated and moisturised. 


Your toner will also expire after around 4 weeks.  Using a toning shampoo and treatment mask can help keep your colour balanced without exposing the natural brass pigments underneath,



Below are a few of our favourite products to maintain your blonde



The Blonde Savior range has been scientifically developed to restore health to porous and bleached hair. With this perfectly balanced combination of hair products you repair damage caused by bleaching and lightening. For a radiant look and long-lasting healthy hair.

When the shampoo, hair mask and leave-in treatment are combined, bleaching damage is repaired by 64%*. Enjoy 7x stronger hair and 96% less hair breakage**. It's great that your hair immediately looks better. But still sure is a healthy core.