The Day After



This is the day we’ll all be counting down to – The Day After lock down ends. And boy, will this be one of best days of our lives. Not because we can escape our family members or because we can freely drink a beer or wine in an overcrowded bar or because we can work from anywhere other than home. Its because of all of these reasons, and its a new beginning! One that we will need, and we are really looking forward to.

But lets not kid ourselves, we will emerge with hairy eyebrows, tinselled regrowth and brassy blondes. The Day After, we will  be in some serious need of a little hands on pampering.

The AF Crew are committed as a team to get through this together and we can hopefully try to erase the impact of the temporary life-pause which is being forced upon us by COVID-19.

Want to be first on our list?

We are taking bookings for The Day After and not just the Day, but the weeks after because we know you'll all be desperate to see us.

We know we don't have a date, or how this will be staged, but what we are doing is taking bookings per week, ie week 1, 2, 3 after lock down is over and we can re-open.

Please fill out the form below, in the comments section add the service, day and time preference and we will book you accordingly.  We will aim to work on a first come first served basis. For those of you already booked in and unfortunately missing appointments due to this horrid virus, we will be in contact to reschedule your appointments and all booking fees will be re-allocated.