​Winter Is Coming and So Is Dry Skin

​Winter Is Coming and So Is Dry Skin

Posted by Trudy Petith on 2nd Apr 2019

As soon as the first harsh, cold wind grazes our cheeks after the warm summer breeze, it’s time to switch up the skin routine. Every season is a challenge on its own, calling upon you to switch up your products in order to keep your skin soft, bright and hydrated. During winter time, you have to pay special attention to skin dryness, and here’s exactly how to do it.

1. Cover Up

Instead of staying cooked up inside throughout the entire season, make sure you have the right fashion accessories that will protect your skin and hair. For example, go for a fashionable scarf, beanie, hat or even a hoodie if that’s the style your rock. Gloves are also a must, especially because our hands will protest the cold right away.

2. Hydrate Regularly

Fight dry, flaky skin from within. Make sure to increase your water intake, so you provide your skin the hydration it needs from the inside. Think of it as fuel that enables your skin to stay hydrated, perky and plump. Although it might be tempting to have coffee and alcohol, try to cut down your intake, because it does essentially dehydrate you.

3. Warm Up with Clothes

You get home, drop your clothes like it’s hot, take a shower, and you’re feeling cold, so you crank up the heater to the highest temperature possible. Although this sounds like a great and comforting idea, don’t rely too much on the heater, as it tends to dry out your skin. Warm up with clothes, so you won’t have to crank up the heat. And if you have someone next to you, there’s nothing quite like a hug to make your heart melt.

4. Use Gentle Cleansers

During winter, rely on the help of gentler cleansers, whose ingredients aren’t as harsh. Try to look for milk based cleansers that have a lot of natural ingredients, such as Bioline's Delicate Milk Cleanser.

5. Invest in a Humidifier

To keep the air inside moist instead of completely dry, invest in a humidifier. It’s actually quite an affordable investment, but it will make a huge difference in your life.

6. Turn Down the Heat

Try to exchange the word hot instead of warm, when it comes to your baths or showers. Hot showers tend to dry out the skin, which is not what you want during the winter. Instead, go for shorter showers, and avoid turning up the temperature.

7. Moisturise Often

Avoid itchiness, scaliness or even roughness, by moisturising your hands and face regularly. Moisturise your face in the morning and in the evening before you go to bed, and don’t forget to use sunscreen!

Remember, dry skin comes from both the inside and the outside, so it’s equally important to consider the environment, the products and what we nourish our body with from within.