​ Skincare Routines That Actually Make Your Skin More Sensitive

​ Skincare Routines That Actually Make Your Skin More Sensitive

Posted by Trudy Petith on 4th Mar 2019

We’ve all switched up so many beauty routines, and skimmed through so many articles about it, that it’s pointless to count. If you’re confused by it all, and your skin is not looking like you want it to look, let’s stop for a minute and analyse. Are we doing things that might irritate our skin even more than it should? Are we exaggerating with our beauty routine? What’s the deal?

To find out whether your skin is behaving badly due to your own beauty routine, stay tuned for the following paragraphs, as we reveal which of these skincare products or treatments shouldn’t be overused.

Daily Exfoliation

We already know that exfoliation is great for the skin. It removes all the dirt and junk from our faces, removes the dead skin cells and stimulates growth of brand new cells, that’s going to give your face the covetable glow and radiance you want. Over exfoliation is possible, and it isn’t something that you have to do every day, especially when you use aggressive exfoliants that can cause skin irritation or even inflammation. Stick two tops 2 exfoliation days in a week.

Oily Skin Doesn’t Need a Moisturiser

Or...does it? People with oily skin tend to avoid using a moisturiser because they feel their skin is already greasy so why use a moisturiser? But, this is such a common mistake that might cause your face to get even more oily. That’s right! Oily skin needs regular hydration as well, to protect it from outside influences.

Avoiding Cleansing Every Day

This is another myth that needs to be busted. While with the wrong products cleansing your skin can turn into a nightmare, especially if you have dry skin, that doesn’t imply cleansing is bad. In fact, we make a mistake not cleansing our skin enough, because we end up with skin that’s congested, dull, and frequently breaks out. Our skin is never clean enough, because even when you think it’s super-clean, like in the morning, after a good night’s sleep, it’s actually much dirtier than you think. So, cleanse, cleanse, cleanse to avoid skin problems!

As these are the three most important steps in everyone’s beauty routine, and something that we all do, let’s get on the right track, do some research and start treating our skin right!