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Red Alert! Why It’s Difficult to Get Chocolate Brown Without the Red

We love chocolate, we can’t deny that. So do our clients. And just like hot chocolate, everyone wants the beautiful chocolate brown hair, without the tiniest serving of red. Is this possible? Whether you’re dying your hair from the box or getting your hair coloured by a professional in the salon, you’re bound to see a few red locks. No Single FormulaNot all browns are created equally. It’s l…

Hair Nightmares – Perms and Over Processed Hair

Are you craving beach waves this summer that are going to stay on no matter what? Or are you just bored with your plain, straight hair and long for sexy curls? The return of the perm had us excited, but at the same time begging for the trend to be over. Either because you’re following a trend, or want to make a hair change, before you insist on getting a perm, you need to have a little chat…