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Cc Cream Colour Corrector
Pentapeptide Spf 30

The efficacy of an active cream and the corrector effect of a CC cream. Protects, soothes and minimizes skin blemishes. A universal shade that blends onto the skin, smoothing the complexion with high-quality mineral pigments.

Recommended for:

Normal, Combination Lipid dry & those prone to Hyper-sensitivity

De-Sense is perfect for slightly sunburnt skin, adverse reaction to skincare or a change in season. It is most suited to long term, stubborn skin conditions such as hypersensitivity, adult acne, post surgery, rosacea or couperose.

The De-Sense range is an ideal choice for those clients receiving a course of machinery based treatments i.e. micro needling.

Clients with sensitive skins may suffer from thin, reactive & irritated skin. This can be aggravated by incorrect product use, overuse of AHA’s, sensitivities to external agents or overly dry skin lacking oils. Visually you may see a thinning of the skin, redness; especially to the touch, dehydration, flaking or even lumps & bumps. These skins tend to age before their time.

If not treated correctly, skins that suffer from minor redness & sensitivities, can manifest & create an exaggerated problem within the skin. This can lead to more stubborn cases such as rosacea, couperose, adult acne & hypersensitivities

The Benefits

Physical barrier sun filter
Perfect to use at the completion of the facial treatment or everyday use
Protects, soothes, hydrates & minimises skin blemishes

30 ml - 1,0 fl.oz. US


•Pentapeptide-59: works to inhibit the reaction to pain
•Ginkgo extract: antioxidant & anti inflammatory
•Mineral pigment: -the 1 shade of powder will melt into the skin tone minimising the appearance of blemishes

Apply in the morning, after the specific serum and/or cream, on face and neck perfectly cleansed. Massage until completely absorbed.  This product is available in one shade and will mimic the skins tone, allow the product to melt into the skin to minimise the appearance of blemishes.

For those who are particularly sensitive, we recommend performing a tolerance test by applying the product to the forearm & covering with a plaster for 24 hours