​How to Have a Fresh Face After a Sleepless Night

​How to Have a Fresh Face After a Sleepless Night

Posted by Trudy Petith on 11th Feb 2019

Sleeping is definitely not overrated. In a world where the days are not long enough to do it all, and nights fly by in a blink of an eye, it’s easy to become overworked, and overtired. But what happens when the good-old sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite doesn’t work, and you constantly find yourself spending night after night without getting your beauty sleep? Our morning look tells the truth, and it’s not good. Sleepless nights take a toll on our face, and they manifest through dark circles under our eye bags (which are definitely not Prada), dull and tired skin.

Well, perk up, because you’re not a lost cause. Sometimes you have to sacrifice a good night’s sleep, whether it’s because of the kids, or getting some work done, but it it’s a must. Here’s how to avoid the all-nighter morning look, and actually look like you’ve ACTUALLY slept.

1.  Cool Your Eyes

First of all, it’s time to cool down. Whether it’s the back of a spoon, a cucumber, or a cold eye mask, there’s no better remedy against puffy, strained eyes than something cool to de-puff.

2. In With the Light, Out With the Dark

Dark undereye circles. We all have them, but a sleepless night will just accentuate them more. Because a lack of sleep causes your skin to be paler than usual, your dark circles take the stage and it’s not pretty. The best remedies for this are a cold compress, the good old concealer, or even massaging it with a wet cloth can make a noticeable difference.

3. Brighten Up Your Eyes

One last thing when it comes to your eyes - they can become noticeably red. To soothe your tortured eyes, make sure you always have eye drops on hand. If you don’t, a blue eyeliner to your inner upper lash line can visually distract from the redness. And finally, a warm compress applied for only 10 minutes can bring you quick results.

4. Invite Colour Back to Your Face

If you find yourself to be more pale than a vampire, you can easily fake wakefulness by getting a quick exercise. Something like walking to work instead of taking the car, or go up and down the stairs can be incredibly effective.

5. Close Your Eyes and Go For a Cold Shower

A cold shower in the morning? Sounds brutal, doesn’t it? While it may not be the most pleasant thing in the morning, and it definitely doesn’t measure up to a warm cup of coffee, it works wonders for tightening your skin and bringing some life back into it.

A fresh face is the first thing everyone will see when you step into the office, or your local coffee shop, so make sure that you focus on doing all of the steps aforementioned to look like you’ve actually slept last night.